The designer

I graduated in Fashion Design in 1996 in the Czech Republic where I was born. I took part in fashion design competitions with other students from my class, where we had the chance to present our skills and artistic minds. I worked at a textile factory in the Czech Republic, creating the fashion patterns and selecting the right fabrics for the collections.


In March 2017 I created the company Nordic Angels. (Nordic comes from the use of very exclusive materials like reindeer leather hides, and Angels are all the dresses and garments I design today and will design in the future, with a story behind every piece.)


My first collection  » Lapland  » consists of 12 wedding and event gowns, created with a fairytale in mind, going back to the past, where women wore beautiful gowns.


Presentation of the Fashion show at Monaco Fashion Week June 2017 – YouTube: Nordic Angels by Marketa Hakkinen.

My second collection  » Orchestra  » consists of 14 couture pieces of couture that was presented at Fame Rock New York Fashion week on September 8, 2017, and will be at Los Angeles Fashion Week in October 2017. This collection of demi-couture is somewhat different from the first collection, and I was inspired by a vision of elegance, at the same time sexy and also romantic of women.

( Photography © Vanessa Von Zitzewitz )
Marketa Hakkinen
The Brand